Angel City Zen Center - Beginners Only Podcast

Brad Warner - Vibin’ Together (Prajna - Intuitive Wisdom)

July 27, 2021

"There is this eternal wisdom which is unified, but it also has different facets. But you can recognize sometimes that it's working together, that everybody's ‘vibing together man,’ as we say when we’re hippies." - Brad Warner

By special request Brad takes a deep and penetrating look at that most elusively all pervasive of paramitas, prajna aka the eternal mirror, aka our innate intuitive wisdom. Reading from Dogen's Kokyo - The Eternal Mirror, we get a scattershot of Brad's favorite wisdom drops all about how to know the you that is more you than you could ever be. Why is it so hard to see what we already know? And is it possible to know when you know it? Is Dogen's Buddhism as fatalistic as it might sound, and do we actually have any control over our lives?? Find out here! 

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